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California Lemon Law protects you against a defective Tesla

Driving a Tesla Is Great, Until It’s Not.

The California Lemon Law Works to
Protect Your Investment … and Safety.

When it comes to owning a new or CPO car, you want one that you know is safe and will last. That’s why so many of your fellow Californians have opted to get behind the wheel of an environmentally-friendly Tesla.

With a reputation for advanced technology and performance, these electric cars are also fun to drive. Tesla’s electric motors reach high speeds in no time, while the autonomous driving technology allows drivers to relax and enjoy the road while being safe.

But even among the most refined cars, a lemon can sometimes slip in. Those who unwittingly own one know the frustrations that come along with it. If your warrantied Tesla exhibits recurring defects, you could benefit greatly — financially and with peace of mind — by calling the law offices of Strategic Legal Practices. We can help turn your potential lemon into a refund, a replacement car or lucrative cash compensation.

Here are 8 common Tesla problems (and symptoms)
serious enough to warrant a California Lemon Law claim.

  1. Charging and Batteryrelated Issues
    reduced battery range, rapid degradation, slow charging speeds, difficulties connecting to charging stations, problems with supercharging compatibility
  1. Drive Unit Problems —
    Abnormal noises, vibrations, or complete failure of motor, gearbox and other drive unit components
  1. Autopilot or Self-driving Malfunctions —
    incorrect lane detection, sudden braking, failure to recognize obstacles
  1. Dashboard Warning Light Glitches —
    warning lights are not reliable, they sometimes come on when there is no problem, or they don’t come on when there is a problem
  1. Suspension Rattling —
    difficult to handle bumps on the road, making front of car rattle and shake
  1. Power Steering Problems —
    locks up, hesitates, or even goes in and out of sync
  1. Software Update Concerns —
    while many problems can be fixed with a software update because the car is based on technology, there have been known to be bugs that haven’t been fixed, similar to updating your personal computer.
  1. Low Build Quality —
    interior is constructed of cheaper materials, exterior parts and pieces come loose or fall out of alignment, paint peels, bolts rust off, fuses stick out, door handles not extending or retracting properly, malfunction of the windows’ automatic reversal function

How the California Lemon Law Protects Your Tesla.

The Lemon Law in California states that your vehicle must have “noncomformities,” which are defined as any defect or malfunction that is covered by the original factory warranty. If any of these problematic “noncomformities” affect your car’s use, safety or value — even after a number of repair attempts have been made — you may be eligible to file a claim.

As one of California’s premier Lemon Law litigators, the expert attorneys at Strategic Legal Practices will work with you and fight for you to get a buyback, a replacement vehicle, a refund or a cash settlement that includes all costs you may have incurred.

Know your rights when it comes to a faulty Tesla.

You’ve shelled out good money for your new or CPO vehicle, and as long as it’s under warranty, you expect smooth driving. But by the number or recalls, class-action suits, and Lemon Law claims filed against Tesla, you know that’s not always the case. For example:

  • A non-compliance recall of certain 2021-2023 Model X cars was issued to correct the restraint
    control module calibration. It could cause the front passenger airbag to deploy in an
    unintended configuration making it noncompliant for 3-to-6-year-old front seat passengers.
  • A California owner sued the electric carmaker in a prospective class-action lawsuit accusing
    it of violating the owner’s family’s privacy. It was reported that groups of Tesla employees
    privately shared, via an internal messaging system, videos and images recorded by the car’s
       cameras between 2019 and 2022. Plaintiff’s claim cites Tesla needs to be held accountable
       for these invasions and for misrepresenting its law privacy practices.
  • A Lemon Law case was finalized with a $126,836 settlement for persistent technical
    difficulties in a Model S. Claim stated the car spent 66 days in the shop over its first 6 months.

These are just three examples of the legal actions Tesla has faced. Among the most commonly reported models are the X, 2013/14/15/17 Model S, but the truth is that any model with recurring problems could be a lemon. Even yours.

Strategic Legal Practices has faced Tesla before, and won!
Now you can put our Lemon Law experts on your team.

With a 99% success rate, Strategic Legal Practices has represented thousands of clients against Tesla and other major automakers. So if you think your car might be a lemon, it’s important to call us today for a no-obligation, free consultation. We get paid only if you win.

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If your Tesla has persistent problems that can’t be fixed even after several attempts, you may be eligible for a Lemon Law Buyback, a replacement car or refund.