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What Are The Most Common Lemon Law Vehicle Issues in California

The California Lemon Law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, provides legal protection to consumers who have purchased or leased new or CPO vehicles with persistent defects that the manufacturer or dealer has been unable to repair. So what are the most common types of problems covered by the California Lemon Law?

  1. Transmission troubles. A bad transmission is one of the most common complaints under the California Lemon Law. Symptoms may include delayed engagement of shifting, slipping out of gear, rough shifting resulting in jerks or jolts, overheating, or fluid leaks.
  2. Engine problems. Engine concerns can range from minor glitches like illuminated warning lights to more severe issues like engine failure or the need for a complete engine replacement. Some symptoms to keep an eye on are engine stalling or misfiring, excessive oil consumption, rough idling, overheating, and engine knocking or ticking.
  3. Electrical system issues. Does your car battery lose its charge quickly? Are your car’s fuses blowing? Do the lights flicker? Is your dashboard or infotainment system malfunctioning? These could all be cause for a Lemon Law claim.
  4. Brake and suspension predicaments. If you’re experiencing brake or suspension problems, it could result in serious safety hazards like brake failure, premature brake wear, brake squeaking or grinding, serious vibrations or shaking, or steering issues.
  5. Cooling system complications. Faulty cooling systems can lead to overheating which can cause significant engine damage if left untreated. Things to watch out for are leaking coolant, a faulty radiator, malfunctioning water pumps, along with thermostat issues.

It’s important to note that any persistent defect that substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value or safety can potentially qualify under the California Lemon Law. If you believe you may have a claim, it’s important to consult with a qualified attorney for advice on your specific situation.

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