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I highly recommend SLP to anyone. I recently won my case and found the process to be super simple. They promised that I wouldn’t pay anything unless I won, and that was correct. (It was hard for me to believe).

It took 1 year (urgh) from start to finish, but MAN I’m glad I did it. I would imagine that the process would be a bit shorter if it wasn’t during the pandemic.

I had a great experience working with the entire SLP team, some team members that stood out were Chae, Tiona, Mesha, and his settlement girls. They set proper expectations and even let me pretend to be back in my mock trial days! I might use this $$ to go to law school and join them.

Thank you for all of your help and patience. Team SLP for the win!!

Christine W.

When I first contacted Strategic Legal Practices I felt the reality of receiving a settlement from the vehicle manufacturer was very low.  The staff of Legal Associates were so confident in my case, that I began to believe I would be compensated for a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon.  This vehicle was the 5th car I purchased from this same manufacturer.  I proudly purchased the vehicle thinking I would be able to drive it for many years to come.  I am a single Grandmother raising Grandchildren and I needed a car I could depend on and rely on.  I was so disillusioned until I found Strategic Legal Practices.  They were knowledgeable about my particular car and the issues that we needed to make the manufacturer responsible for and how to get through the process.  I have recommended Strategic Legal Practices to others who appear to have a lemon law claim and need help navigating the legal process.  I just received the good news that I am receiving full compensation for my vehicle making it possible for me to buy a truly reliable vehicle.  I am grateful for the time, energy, and guidance I received as a client of Strategic Legal Practices. You cannot go wrong retaining this practice, if they take your case, be assured they will deliver a settlement that will be fair to the consumer.

Cindi W.

To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I are a large military family with 5 children. We purchased a brand new vehicle intending to hand it down to our children for years to come. After the first couple years in and out of the dealership for repairs, we were ready to throw in the towel and sell our vehicle. The repair (or lack thereof) process was very frustrating, especially when dealerships make you fight for a loaner vehicle big enough for our family.

 We received multiple letters from Strategic Legal Practices (SLP), and honestly, it took about 10 letters to spark my curiosity (persistence pays off). I have never dealt with the legal system before, and didn’t even know what the criteria for a “lemon” were- only knew the catchy jingles from the car dealership commercials that they promised not to sell you a lemon. The call took about 3 minutes, and I was able to e-mail the information they needed right away.

SLP took my case within 24 hours, and handled all paperwork and correspondence on my behalf. The most important part of the customer service experience for me was that each team member set appropriate expectations to help me better plan for next steps.  I was especially impressed with the qualified staff and their expertise on the process.  Some of my favorite employees that went above and beyond were Chae, Tiona, and Mesha. These teams fought through the pandemic to ensure that the process went smoothly and our family was taken care of.

 If you are reading this, you might be considering hiring a team to help fight for you to get your money back. It is NOT a scam, and I like to think that you have nothing to lose. They will NOT get paid if you don’t win, and they won’t take your case if they think you will lose. SLP turned a bad situation for our family into a great opportunity for a new beginning.  

Thank you to the entire team at Strategic Legal Practices.

Christine W.

By the grace of God I came across Strategic Legal Practices (SLP) when they sent my colleague a letter regarding vehicle issues for Jeep Cherokees. My colleague gave me the letter because he knew I was having several issues with my Jeep and the dealership was unable to diagnose and fix the many issue(s) the car had. I contacted SLP and they asked me to send them all work orders and receipts showing work done and paid for on the car. About 2 months later, SLP called me in June 2020 and told me that they would accept my Lemon Law case due to the work orders I provided for my car. I called about once a month to get an update on my case. At first, I became very frustrated because I felt like I always reached out to them and they never reached out to me. I felt like they were giving me the run around and were just lagging on my case. Then I began to read reviews of SLP, where most people said it took almost 2-3 years before their Lemon Law case finalized with SLP. I began to then become more patient and realized that working with lawyers takes time, and if it was God’s will for me not to have the car, then it would come about at some point. It wasn’t until I began to get patient and stop calling them, that I woke up one morning to an email saying SLP received an offer for a settlement on my car! This was in March 2021 (less than a year, unlike many other SLP clients were saying). I just surrendered my car on July 2, 2021. So I still waited about 4 months before I could surrender my vehicle, but it was all worth it. I received my final check today and will be looking to purchase another vehicle soon. Moral of the story is, be patient and trust the process. Be sure to send all work orders, forms, and documents within a timely manner to SLP as they request things from you. Follow-up occasionally by phone and/or email. Remember that they are fighting on your behalf with no money upfront from you, so …..DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED, IF SLP SAYS THEY WILL ACCEPT YOUR CASE, THEY LIKELY WILL WIN THE CASE!!!!

Thank you SLP for all your help. I am so blessed to have found you guys. A special thanks to Caroline Santos, Yadira Sesmas, Chae Lee, Angelica Hind, Nino Sanaia, Nicole Aguilar, Tionna Dolin, and Sheryl Clark. Most of all, I want to give an even greater thanks and appreciation to Mesha Hakopyan, who was the Legal Assistant towards the end of my case. Mesha was the most responsive person I worked with during the entire process and he ensured the accuracy of my settlement, surrender, and final check. God Bless you all!

Brittney L.

We were unfortunately sold a brand new vehicle that had several malfunctions. We were worried, stressed and most of all upset that this vehicle was failing us. We contacted The Strategic Legal Practices in order to get advice about what to do with our situation. They responded and acted quickly to get us through this process. I must say, everything was said and done in a matter of months. We received every penny we paid on the vehicle back to us and throughout the entire process we were kept updated and checked up on regularly. Thank you guys for the help and for providing professional customer service.

Gilda E. & Pedro M.

Despite the many challenges that our communities faced and continue to endure due to the pandemic, 

SLP was steady in their advocacy efforts and representation of me with my case. They were as timely as they could be given the disruption the pandemic caused across the various levels of processing necessary to reach a settlement and eventual disbursement of funds.  All SLP staff were knowledgeable, resourceful, and personable, which was a tremendous help throughout this process.  I certainly would recommend SLP to anyone looking for a collective group of professionals who can help them with their respective case.


You exceeded my expectations shown by the results of your expertise, I am appreciative to be one of the Recipients for this Settlement !.  I was surprised-mainly because the company (named in the Suit)  refused to provide me with a new vehicle:. Although, I made them aware of the recurring problem- while driving the vehicle_ it slowed down suddenly  numerous times while I was driving. Thanks for contacting me and pursuing  this matter and winning the suit !  I highly recommend this firm!!!

Ona T.

My car had problems early on. I dealt with the dealership and took copious notes on everything that happened. I got stuck in the desert TWICE! Over the years, I got several letters from attorneys regarding my “lemon”. I never thought they were legit so I never responded. Then a co-worker told me she had gotten a good settlement for her lemon. So I went to try and reach out to some of the firms who had contacted me. No go. They weren’t interested because too much time had passed. Then like an angel from nowhere, I was contacted by Strategic Legal Practices! They took my case. I gave them all my notes. I dealt with various people. The process started in August 2019 and took awhile. I was told in January 2020 that my court case was set for July 2021 (I had started this process in August 2019). Then the pandemic hit. I wasn’t sure if courts were open or if my case had been pushed back even further. Back in March 2021, I got a call from someone at SLP who had worked out a settlement with a mediator. It was BEYOND what I was hoping for!!!! The next step was me filling out the settlement paperwork and then waiting. Guys, you will probably be waiting awhile. BUT BUT BUT, everything that SLP said would happen did! And more! They were awesome and I can’t thank them enough for all the work they put in and what they were able to do for me!!! Thank you, Yanira, Yadira, Payam, Mesha, Sarah, Chae and Carolina!!!! I recommend this firm if you have a lemon. Just be patient! They are working to help you!

Kirsten M.

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