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Need to File a Lemon Law Claim? Here are Some Important Tips from An Orange County Lemon Law Attorney

If you purchased or leased a lemon, you have clear legal rights in California. You are entitled to a refund, replacement vehicle, or cash settlement, and you are entitled to fair treatment from your vehicle’s manufacturer. However, filing a successful claim is not easy. With this in mind, here are five important tips from an Orange County lemon law attorney:

5 Tips for Filing a Lemon Law Claim in Orange County, California

1. Make Sure You are Eligible to File a Claim

You don’t want to go through the process of filing a lemon law claim for nothing. So, before you get started, you should make sure that your vehicle qualifies as a “lemon.” There are several requirements, and you must meet each of these requirements to qualify for California’s lemon law remedies.

2. Collect All Relevant Documentation

When filing a lemon law claim, it is up to you to prove that you are entitled to a remedy. This means that you will need to collect all of your records from attempting to get your vehicle repaired. You will also want to go ahead and pull out your warranty, and now is a good time to make sure you have your financing or lease agreement as well.

3. Make Sure You File Your Lemon Law Claim On Time

If you have a lemon law claim, you must file your claim before the deadline expires. California has a statute of limitations that places a time limit on all lemon law claims. But, while it is essential to make sure you file your claim on time, it is also strongly in your best interests to get started right away, even if you still have plenty of time to file.

4. Carefully Weigh Your Options

When filing a lemon law claim in Orange County, you have three primary options. You can obtain a refund, you can receive a replacement vehicle, or you can negotiate a cash settlement. You should carefully weigh your options before you decide, as each option has its own unique benefits and limitations.

5. Hire an Orange County Lemon Law Attorney

If you need to file a claim, we strongly recommend hiring an Orange County lemon law attorney to represent you. There are two main reasons why:

First, filing a successful claim can be difficult, as we mentioned above. You need to prove your eligibility, and you need to convince the manufacturer’s defense lawyers that it is in the company’s best interests to resolve your claim without going to court.

Second, you can hire an attorney at no cost. The manufacturer is required to pay your legal fees separately from your award. So, rather than trying to handle your claim on your own, you can rely on an experienced attorney to handle your claim for free. No risk, no up-front fees, no out-of-pocket costs—we only get paid if you win!

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